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Why Your Online Resume Will Replace Your Traditional Resume

Posted By Jay Buerck

Online Web ResumeFor all those who hate spending an arm and a leg on printer ink, this news in the nearly paperless world we now live in will be especially welcome. Reputation experts, Internet aficionados, recruiters, employers and many others anticipate there will be little to no need for a regular resume – printed or otherwise – in the near future because your online presence and online reputation will be more important in your job search. But why is this the case and what can you as a job searcher do to prepare for this migration?

Email Usage Down?

The highest growing demographic on Facebook is 35+, and LinkedIn caters primarily to that demographic, too.

For one, email is dropping in use, while social networking is increasingly being used to send messages. This means you may communicate with employers via LinkedIn, Twitter or another site, rather than attaching your resume to an email. Communicating via social media allows employers to know more about whom you are as a person, both inside and out of work, as well as who you associate with and how you present yourself.

Snail Mail Dead For Job Search

Along this line, people are no longer applying for jobs by mailing or responding to newspaper ads, nor are they finding applying even through online outlets as effective as it once was. Instead you must build your online reputation and resume so employers can find you and recruit you based on what you’ve already put out there.

Ease of Creation Online

And lastly, it’s much easier to make a resume online than it is via Microsoft Word or other word processors. LinkedIn offers a “Resume Builder” tool that turns your profile into a resume that can be submitted to employers, allowing profiles to be used both actively and passively in the job search process. This also eases the process for employers, who can search more easily via social networking sites than through stacks of resumes or hundreds of email cover letters.

But this doesn’t mean you should not have a current resume because it is still often required in the job interview process and by more traditional employers. It just means to be a well-rounded job-seeker you should have a current traditional resume and an online presence that is both professional and up to date.