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Imagine if you will….

You’ve spent these past few years busting you hump to succeed in college.

You’re professors have preached about the significance of each one of their classes and how you will succeed in the real world. Some classes you may not have cared for but some will prove to be very valuable as you move forward in your career.

The first thing over 89% of hiring managers do when they receive a resume is Google that applicant.

No doubt you have attended job fairs put on by your school and why shouldn’t you, they are a great place to meet future employers and make a great first impression.

Before attending those job fairs, you might have even taken your resume to one of the hiring experts at your university all in the hopes of cracking the code to enter the world of employment.

So you’ve taken all the right steps to make sure you produce the best first impression you can possible.

But what about your first impression online?

The first thing over 89% of hiring managers do when they receive a resume is Google that applicant. I’m sure you do the same thing when you meet someone for the first time as well, companies are no different.

Have you checked to see what shows up when you search for your name?

Some of you will have a virtual ghost town when it comes to searching for your name. Many hiring managers consider zero online reputation as a negative reputation. Be sure to use this guide to build your reputation online today.

Now You Have a Positive Online Reputation for Next to Nothing

The Reputation Blueprint is a comprehensive guide that will lead you to controlling the search rankings for your name.

    • Create websites centered around your name

      the best method to creating a positive online reputation and personal Branding strategy is to create websites around your name. Everyone should own theirname.com or some variation, it provides you a place to post your resume, share your expertise and show hiring managers that you are the best candidate for the job!


    • Use the Power of Free Social Media Accounts

      Learn how you can use social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others you might not have heard about to control your online reputation


    • Monitor Your Name and Efforts

      Once you’ve done all the heavy lifting to build up your online reputation and personal brand online you will need to know the tools to monitor what is being said and published about you. Many of these tools are free to use and will help you in protecting against a personal PR nightmare in your search results

Now is the time to act to protect your online reputation. You never know who might publish something against you online to derail your efforts of employment.

Take for instance, Sarah S. from Smithtown, NY

Sarah S. called me because of something she had published about her ex-boyfriend years earlier and now it was showing up in the top 3 places when searching for his name. She has since forgiven him but at the time she had blasted him on a website about Liars and Cheaters.

Unfortunately for him, this site carries a lot of weight and was showing up when hiring managers were looking into his online reputation. He was finding it considerably difficult to get interviews and believe it was because of the current state of his online reputation.


Many hiring managers consider zero online reputation as a negative reputation.

Don’t let this happen to you!

You are being given an opportunity to separate yourself from the pack and get a jump start on building your personal brand online and protect your online reputation. This type of information could cost you in the $1000’s but I am giving you this information for free.

There will be a minimum investment for you in the purchase of web hosting for your website, but there have probably been times where you have done worse things with $50.

Thank you,
Jay Buerck
CEO, Founder of Reputation DIY

P.S. If you have any questions, concerns, or need support in setting up hosting for your website, please feel free email me anytime. Consider me your personal reputation management coach!