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5 Relatable Reputation Lessons You Can Take Away from the Super Bowl

Posted By Jay Buerck

super bowl reputation managementBesides envying the body of Beyonce and wondering why your team didn’t make it to the big game, there are some actual lessons you can take away from this year’s Super Bowl – and every other big game, dating much further back than the infamous wardrobe malfunction of a Super Bowl past. Let’s look at five reputation lessons you can learn from this year’s game in particular.

1. Never underestimate the value of training and preparation.

You can’t make it to the big game without a great deal of work, probably an injury or two, and some frustration and disappointment, but if you train and prepare to the best of your ability, all your work will one day pay off. Preparation in the non-Super Bowl world involves keeping your resume up to date, monitoring and taking charge of your online reputation, practicing for interviews, and making sure your job skills remain up to date.

2. Defend yourself by acting offensively.

If you are proactive in your reputation management and job searching, you will have a lot less defending of yourself to do because you will have built a solid backbone on which to build and grow your reputation. By being proactive, you hopefully won’t have to be doing as much damage control when a reputation crisis hits.

3. With age comes experience.

While rookies can win a Super Bowl at the same time as many vets, it can be a lot easier to do so when your team has experience and age (but not too much age) on its side. The same goes for reputation management and job searching. Your reputation and experience will build over time, making it easier for you to find a job or be taken at your word.

4. Have a strategy.

A team would never dare to enter the Super Bowl without many plays on reserve and in practice, so why would you enter the equally daunting job search without a plan? Map it out and you will find your journey to the top to be a lot smoother – or at least you’ll be better prepared to push away boulders standing in your way on the climb to the peak.

By being proactive, you hopefully won’t have to be doing as much damage control when a reputation crisis hits.

5. Have faith that your hard work will pay off.

You can put in days or weeks of work into your reputation and resume and sometimes it’s not enough to get you the job, but sometimes it is. So know that if you do all you can in your power to build your reputation and resume, the rest you have to let happen as it happens.

Now it’s time to put this to practice and seize all the super career opportunities waiting for you in the working world.