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Do You Know these 5 Free Online Reputation Profile Sites?

Posted By Jay Buerck

Free ResourcesCongratulations on taking ownership of your online reputation, which is what you’ve been doing if you’ve started reading the Reputation Blueprint or any of the other content on this site. You’ve taken the first step just by informing yourself about the importance of online reputation management, no matter what your age, station in life or place on your career path.

But in order to build and maintain a positive online reputation, you can’t just read about it. You have to build your own personal website and extend your professional image to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and any other social media wave that hits the web. Once you’ve done this, you can maximize their potential by utilizing the free services available to create personal landing pages. This will help you reach the goal of owning most or all of the content that shows up in the top 10 when you search your name, which in turn will protect you from negative content popping up and polluting your online image.

But in order to build and maintain a positive online reputation, you can’t just read about it.

There are plenty of sites available that will carry a significant amount of weight in search engines when you search for your name/personal brand. Among them are About.me, Flavors.me, Dooid.me, Identyme, chi.mp and magnt.com. These free resources are a form of a virtual business card that allows you to present your image in a new way, connect with other users and promote your personal brand – all without having to waste a dime or piece of paper on printing actual business cards.

1. About.me

About Me

2. Flavors.me

Flavors me

3. Dooid.me


4. Identyme


5. Magnt.com


In addition to presenting yet another professional image of yourself, these sites link to your social media presences, on which you should also be as professional as possible. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on social media and with your online image, it just means you are always aware that it follows you around all over the web and outside it. So don’t be stupid when it comes to posting, commenting and photographing your life and sharing it with the virtual world – just as you wouldn’t show a potential employer a printed image of you streaking as part of a frat initiation, you should be equally careful that they don’t see a digital version of it either.